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Which Aquaseal product is best for…….

Aquaseal is a legendary product among kayakers. It sticks to most fabrics, and it’s perfect for a wide range of repair jobs. Aquaseal have several products available, each slightly different. If you are not too sure which product is best for your repair job, read on……

Aquaseal FD Repair Adhesive

Aquaseal+ FD

Aquaseal+ FD is what most people refer to when they mention Aquaseal. FD stands for Flexible & Durable. It’s the go-to repair product for fixing a range of different tears, holes or for gluing things together. It’s also available with an accelerator (Aquaseal + FD Repair Adhesive & Accelerator) to speed up the curing time. This contains a quantity of Cotol-240 can be used to clean the area. Mix some Cotol-240 with Aquaseal to reduce the cure time.

Typical uses for Aquaseal+ FD

  • Repairing small holes in jackets, drybags, spraydecks, inflatable sleeping mattresses and inflatable kayaks
  • Gluing patches to repair larger holes and tears
  • Gluing replacement gaskets onto drytops and drysuits
Aquaseal SR Shoe Repair Adhesive

Aquaseal+ SR

This is a the option to choose if you have a shoe you need to repair or add protection to. It’s still flexible, but is more abrasion resistant. Use Aquaseal+ SR to

  • Re-glue soles that have come off
  • Create a protective layer on shoes or to protect vulnerable stitching
  • Build up areas of the sole that have worn down
Gear Aid Aquaseal UV

Aquaseal UV

Aquaseal UV differs to the other versions in that it cures with exposure to UV. You apply the adhesive in the shade (out of sunlight) and then expose it to the sun to cure. In full sun, it’ll cure in 30 seconds. This makes it perfect for emergency, field repairs. It’s a great addition to your repair kit for fixing

  • Small holes in neoprene, rain wear, inflatable kayaks or inflatable sleeping mats.

Handy Tip

Aquaseal FD & Aquaseal SR are moisture cured. This means they draw moisture from the air or the surface they are applied to, and this begins the curing process. However, when you open a new tube, this process begins and causes some of the Aquaseal to cure. If you want to avoid this, place the tube into the freezer until you need it again. Just allow 30min or so for the tube to thaw enough before you use it next time.

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