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Liquidlogic Homeslice

$1,749.00 (inc GST)

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$1,749.00 (inc GST)

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The Homeslice is a new design that takes cues from several generations of kayaks. The concept of a longer, slicier kayak goes back some of Liquidlogic’s earliest designs, but it’s far from a rehash of an old design. Not only is the Homeslice way more comfortable, but advances in hull design make this a superior performing kayak.

The best way to describe the Homeslice is that it’s a downriver, fun boat. It’ll cartwheel, splat, squirt and surf at every possible spot along the river. All this in a kayak that you will feel comfortable in, all day long.


Width: 66cm
Cockpit: 86 x 52cm
Weight: 14.5kg
Rocker bow: 20cm
Rocker stern: 18cm
Volume: 208L
Paddler Weight: 64-100kg


  • The square ended design creates a faster carving craft and improves looseness on a wave
  • The hull design has an all new progressive rocker with a slight kick behind the seat leading into a stern V-hull to assist in the hard carving and easy spin initiation
  • The Homeslice has a higher, narrower ergonomic knee position with enough foot room that most people will be able to wear shoes


$75 for delivery to the nearest PBT depot.
Delivery to your door is available at an extra cost. Please contact us for a quote for this.


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