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Liquidlogic Delta V 73

$1,199.00 (inc GST)


$1,199.00 (inc GST)

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The Delta V 73 follows in the footsteps of the larger Delta V 88. Designed to work well in a range of situations, the Delta V has soft edges and a smooth rocker profile. The boat is nimble enough to move easily around the river, yet offers plenty of confidence inspiring stability. The Delta V also features a unique stern “Turbo Booster”  which accelerates the kayak forward after a drop. If you want a kayak that increases your confidence and encourages you to push yourself, this is your boat.

The name: DELTA V (del·ta vee) has a double meaning:

    • It means change in velocity . The unique stern Turbo Booster accelerates the kayak forward after drops.
    • Delta waves in sleep correlated with dreaming plus the Roman numeral for five. This boat will have you dreaming about running Class 5 rapids all day.


Length: 249 CM
Width: 66 CM
Cockpit: 87.6 x 52 CM
Weight: 21 KG
Volume: 276 L
Paddler Weight: 49 – 91 KG


  • Center-line deck peak providing ultra-stability and directional locking when surfacing.
  • Side edge in the bow to provide ample foot room for comfort all day on the water.
  • Braaap style bow rocker for smooth maneuvering.
  • Cockpit area displacement hull design is tried and true with its lineage directly coming from the Jefe Series. Finding the right seat placement for your center of gravity will allow you to spin on a dime and hold your speed.
  • Stern features allow for little negative impact from cross current.
  • The kick rocker comes from slalom roots to provide controlled speed and agility

Delivery Costs

$75 for delivery to the nearest PBT depot.
Delivery to your door is available at an extra cost. Please contact us for a quote for this.

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