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Used Ruahine Intrigue Multisport Kayak

$1,590.00 (inc GST)

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This Intrigue is just what you need if you want to take part in the Coast to Coast race. It offers a great mix of speed and stability, and is designed with an entry-level paddler in mind. The Intrigue best suits a small – mid sized paddler.

While this kayak has taken part in two Coast to Coasts, it’s in amazing good condition. There have been no structural repairs, and the only gelcoat damage is a small section on the nose (which has been touched up). It has plenty of river trips left in it. A new Intrigue will set you pack around $4000, so this makes for great buying. A Bumfortable seat has been fitted to give your bottom a comfortable place to sit. 

If you don’t like the pink stickers, we can remove them for you. Otherwise, paddle like a pro with a unique looking design. 

Fun fact: This kayak was paddled to victory several years ago, winning the women’s Two Day Coast to Coast.


Length: 4.9m
Width: 54cm
Construction: Fibreglass


This item is available instore only. You are welcome to purchase online and then collect when it suits you.

We do offer several delivery trips each year. If you are interested in having a composite kayak delivered, you can find the dates for upcoming delivery trips here.

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