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Yakima TrimHD Bar

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The Yakima TrimHD bar is a versatile option for those who need to carry heavy loads. Lightweight aluminum keeps the weight down, while the internal profile adds serious rigidity. But that’s not all. The bar is shaped to minimise the profile and reduce noise. The T slot on the top of the bar is a standard size, and does not require rubber fill. It makes swapping accessories quick and easy. And, possibly the best feature, are the tie down points located on the end of each bar. These provide an easy to use attachment point for tiedowns.


  • Load strips with airflow diffuser help with load carrying and reduces wind noise
  • Compatible with LockNLoad legs, StreamLine and Yakima SmartFoot
  • Flat bar profile
  • Versatile through-style bar for extra carrying width
  • Trim profile heavy duty aluminium crossbar with T-slot accessory channel
    21 mm accessory t-slot and tie‑down points
  • Product load rating 100 kg per pair (subject to vehicle)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Roof Rack Builder

Not sure about which components are required to complete your roof rack system? Select the system that fits your vehicle and suits your needs.

JetStream Bar JetStream FX Bar TrimHD Bar
BaseLine – for vehicles with a naked roof Yakima StreamLine BaseLine Leg Yakima StreamLine BaseLine FX Leg Yakima StreamLine BaseLine Leg
SightLine – for vehicles with flush rails Yakima StreamLine SightLine Leg Yakima StreamLine SightLine FX Legs Yakima StreamLine SightLine Leg
SkyLine – for vehicles with fix point mounts Yakima StreamLine SkyLine Leg Yakima Skyline FX Legs Yakima StreamLine SkyLine Leg
TimberLine – for vehicles with raised rails Yakima StreamLine TimberLine Leg Yakima StreamLine TimberLine FX Legs Yakima StreamLine TimberLine Leg

Load Rating

How much can I carry on my roof rack?

There are a few factors to consider when decided how much you should load onto your roof rack.

  • Your vehicle
  •  The roof rack you have / plan on getting
  • What you’ll be doing

The vehicle manufacturer will give a rating for how much load the roof of the vehicle can take. There will also be a load rating for the roof rack and you need to work with the lower of these two figures. How you use the vehicle will also have an impact. When driving off road, the load rating of the roof rack is reduced. If you look at the figures given, you might ask yourself “how can I fit a roof top tent? The tent plus the weight of one or two people is well above what I should carry”. Here, a different load rating applied. When the vehicle is not moving (static) you can usually carry 3x the loading rating showing for a roof rack.

We aren’t quite done yet. When considering how much weight you can carry, you also need to factor in the weight of any accessories that you may be using. If your vehicle is rated to carry 60kg on the roof, it doesn’t mean that you can load 60kg of equipment into your roof box. Instead you can carry 60kg less the weight of the roof box and the roof rack.

If you have any questions about load ratings, please feel free to contact us.

Fit My Car

Use the Yakima Vehicle Finder tool to find a roof rack to suit your car.

Learn more about the Yakima StreamLine roof rack system


The StreamLine roof rack system combines strength and durability with aerodynamics and aesthetics. In other words, a roof rack from the StreamLine range looks good and works well. Read more…..

Courier Costs

Small Parcel $6
Standard Courier $10
Spend over $199 and receive free delivery (excludes kayaks and roof boxes)

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