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Gurney Gears Bumfortable Seat

$250.00 (inc GST)

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The stock seat in most multisport kayaks is a hard composite seat, and if you bottom is a good match, it should be comfortable enough. But, if you are a slightly different shape, you may find the seat is a ‘pain in the butt’. Symptoms can include numbness, sore sit bones and a feeling that you can’t find the ‘right’ position in the seat. 

The Bumfortable, with it’s closed cell foam construction is softer, so will reduce the pressure points that cause pain and discomfort. 


  • Smooth surface aids rotation during paddling & reduces chaffing
  • Foam insulates and keeps you feeling warmer in the cold
  • Reduced incidence of kayak hull damage – A rigid seat structure is more likely to hole the kayak when a rock scrapes along the hull because it represents a sudden change in elastic flexibility of the hull. A Bumfortable, by comparison, will allow the hull to continue elastically flexing as the hull passes along the obstruction highly reducing the chances of structural damage and subsequent required repair.

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