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Tip Toes Foot Rests – for Ruddered Kayaks

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Replacement foot stops for your ruddered kayak. These are fitted to Mission Kayaks, Barracuda Kayaks and several other brands.

Tip toes are really easy to use. If you want to adjust the position, simply squeeze the lever on the back of the pedal and they are free to slide foward or backwards. This system is much easier to use than some others, especially when a bit of sand and / or salt is on the track. When you have adjusted the pedal to the correct position, there is no need to adjust the tension in the rudder cord; the Tip Toes self-adjust.

If you purchase the complete set, you get a pair of foot pedals, a pair of rails and fittings that allow the pedals to sit squarely on a kayak with sides that are not completely vertical.

What's included

The complete set comes with rails, foot pedals w/ steering flaps and mounting screws. Rudder cord and the adjuster are not included.

Courier Costs

Small Parcel $6
Standard Courier $10
Spend over $199 and receive free delivery (excludes kayaks and roof boxes)

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