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Kajak Sport Navigator Rudder

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There are a whole lot of reasons why you may want to fit a rudder to your kayak. It might be one wasn’t fitted and your kayak would benefit from having one. Or maybe you have built your own kayak and want to fit a rudder. Regardless of your reason, the Navigator rudder is worth a look. It has two mounting options, which will cover a range of different styles of kayaks. This rudder might even work in place of an existing rudder. Kajak Sport have added some clever features to their rudder. The rudder slides up and over the deck when it is retracted. When released, the rudder slides smoothly backwards and into the water. Once deployed, it stays fully down and won’t move, regardless of how fast you paddle. But, if you hit something, the rudder will still move and prevent damage. The blade has a foil shape to minimise drag. The blade comes in two lengths; 500mm and 600mm. The 500mm suits most single kayaks, while the 600mm works for doubles. There are also two different options for the way the rudder mounts to the kayak. The 42mm pin works with a Kajak Sport Rudder Sleeve. The sleeve is attached into the stern of the kayak. An 85mm pin is the second option. This requires the kayak to have a 10mm vertical hole on the stern, or a bracket with two 10mm holes. The rudder does not include foot rests. Add a set of Tip Toes foot rests, a length of rudder cord and you’ll be all set to add a rudder to your kayak.

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