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Kajak Sport Shaft Ferrule S

$31.90 (inc GST)

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Converting a one-piece paddle into a two-piece is easy. Kayak Sport cater to small sized paddles with this clamp. It fits narrow diameter shafts typically found on SUP and kids paddles. Once set up, you have 10cm of length adjustment and infinite offset adjustment. Corrosion isn’t a problem with this clamp. The plastic construction will give many years of trouble free use. Use this in conjunction with a Kajak Sport Adjustment Tube. If you require a clamp to fit a larger diameter shaft, a Kajak Sport Paddle Clamp will most likely fit.

How To Choose The Correct Size

To select the correct size of clamp and joining tube you need to know the inside and outside diameter of your paddle shaft. This is best done with a set of calipers. Follow these steps to pick the correct size.

  1. Lightly sand the inside and the outside of the cut. This will ensure the measurement you take is accurate.
  2. Measure the inside diameter of your paddle shaft. The shaft in the picture below has an inside diameter of 26.6mm.
  3. Next measure the outside diameter of the shaft. The shaft in the photo measures 29.6mm across. 
  4. With these two measurements, you can select the correct joining tube and paddle clamp.
    • Joining Tube: Choose a joining tube that is the next size smaller than the inside diameter of your shaft. For the paddle in the picture, a 26.4mm joining tube will be the correct size.
    • Clamp: Each clamp has two different numbers that indicate the size of shaft it will fit. The first number (the larger number) is the outside diameter of your shaft. The second (the smaller number) is the inside diameter of your shaft. 
    • If the outside diameter of the shaft you have measured doesn’t correspond exactly to a clamp size don’t panic. Go for a clamp with a slightly larger outside diameter. The inside diameter should match the size of joining tube that you have chosen (although joining tubes are 0.1mm smaller than the size shown on the clamp. This slight difference in size is to ensure than the joining tube is able to slide freely through the clamp).

If you have any questions on selecting the correct components, or on how to install a clamp system on your paddle, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Courier Costs

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