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Orka Minni Pro Wing Paddle – Fixed Length

$349.00 (inc GST)

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If you like small blades, the Orka Minni Pro will suit your paddling style. The carbon blades are stiff and light, giving you an extra edge when you want to push a little harder. The one-piece fibreglass shaft offers a nice amount of flex, reducing strain on your body. This a great paddle to start out with, and the price makes it even more attractive.

We assemble these paddles to suit your requirements. Allow around a week between ordering and dispatch.

About Orka

Orka are a South African manufacturer, offering a range of paddles for surfski, sprint and marathon paddling. The company is owned and operated by paddlers, who have the goal of creating a product that will make a positive difference to those who use it.

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Courier Costs

The cost to courier this item is $20. As this is an over-length item, it cannot be delivered to a rural address. 

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