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OrigiNZ Northwest Passage Touring Paddle

$219.00 (inc GST)

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The Northwest Passage is a touring kayak paddle that offers smooth and effortless performance. This mid-sized blade is ideal for most sea kayakers. It’s large enough to give purchase on the water, but not too large that it catches the wind. The dihedral (slight ‘V’ shape in the cross-section of the blade) reduces flutter as the blade moves through the water. Made from fibreglass reinforced nylon, the blades are strong enough to take knocks from beach landings and even river trips. The fibreglass reinforcement adds stiffness, ensuring that your paddling effort is translated into kayak movement as efficiently as possible. The shaft is fibreglass and has a handgrips with a locator on the right hand side. The drip rings stop water from running onto your hands.


Shaft: Fibreglass
Blade: Fibreglass reinforced nylon
Blade size: 486 x 172mm
Weight: 1070g

Courier Costs

The cost to courier this item is $20. As this is an over-length item, it cannot be delivered to a rural address. 

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