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Lendal Voyager Touring Paddle

$799.00 (inc GST)

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The Voyager is Lendal’s low angle paddle. It moves smoothly through the water and works well with a relaxed paddling style. Made with the best materials available, the Voyager is lightweight and strong. Whether you are heading out for an afternoon on the water, or completing a long expedition, the Voyager will eat up the distance.


  • The first thing you are likely to notice when you pick up a Lendal paddle is the shape of the shaft. It is profiled to match the shape of your hand, meaning less stress on your hands and wrists.
  • The Lendal Lever Lock allows for a quick yet secure join in the middle of the paddle shaft. You get 5cm of length adjustment, and infinite offset adjustment.
  • Lendal aim to make the best paddles possible, and this requires both quality materials and dialed in manufacturing. Their paddles are constructed using 65% carbon (by weight) and 35% resin (by weight). This gives the ultimate strength to weight balance.
  • All Lendal paddles use plant based resins, water based release agents, styrene free foams and plant derived adhesives. No solvents are used, nothing is a suspected carcinogen, and petrochemical products are avoided where possible.



Paddle Weight: 690g
Blade Area: 660cm2

Try this paddle

We have a demo paddle available. Please contact us if you wish to test this paddle.

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