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Lendal Cadence Touring Paddle

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The Cadence is Lendal’s lightest paddle. When paddling longer distances, the low swing weight reduces stress on your body. But, lightweight doesn’t mean compromised strength or stiffness. Lendal’s advanced manufacturing techniques and quality materials ensure the paddle has no unnecessary flex.

This paddle suits paddlers who paddle with a high angle stroke. The blades provide a good bite, without being too aggressive. The Cadence will switch seamlessly between relaxed cruising and dynamic paddling in rough water.


  • The first thing you are likely to notice when you pick up a Lendal paddle is the shape of the shaft. It is profiled to match the shape of your hand, meaning less stress on your hands and wrists.
  • The Lendal Lever Lock allows for a quick yet secure join in the middle of the paddle shaft. You get 5cm of length adjustment, and infinite offset adjustment.
  • Lendal aim to make the best paddles possible, and this requires both quality materials and dialed in manufacturing. Their paddles are constructed using 65% carbon (by weight) and 35% resin (by weight). This gives the ultimate strength to weight balance.
  • All Lendal paddles use plant based resins, water based release agents, styrene free foams and plant derived adhesives. No solvents are used, nothing is a suspected carcinogen, and petrochemical products are avoided where possible.




Paddle Weight: 610g
Blade Area: 570cm2


MCS Shaft

Lendal’s MCS shaft (Modified Crank Shaft) aligns your wrists more naturally, reducing strain on your joints.

Lendal MCS Shaft

Try this paddle

We have a demo paddle available. Please contact us if you wish to test this paddle.

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