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Kajak Sport Inuksuk Greenland Paddle

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The Inuksuk is where tradition meets technology. Kajak Sport have taken the classic Greenland paddle to the next level. By using carbon fiber, the paddle can be made with fine, rounded edges for smooth entry into the water. And, the finish of the carbon fiber is simply top notch. The seamless construction doesn’t just look good; it also creates a strong, wear-resistant edge. Greenland paddles are great in the wind, as the low profile blades do not catch the wind like euro blades can. The low profile blades also reduce stress on your body. And, if you want a challenge, learn one of the many Greenland rolls.


  • Carbon monocoque construction
  • Oval loom with smooth shoulders for a comfortable grip
  • Blades have a fine edge for smooth entry into the water
  • 13cm of length adjustment


Weight: 800g
Length: 215-228cm
Blade length: 85 cm
Maximum width: 95 mm
Blade surface area: 570 cm²

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