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Enth Degree Aveiro Pant – Unisex

$199.00 (inc GST)

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The Enth Degree Averio Pant will keep your legs warm and comfortable when the weather is cool. Regardless of if you paddle a sit-on-top, a surfski or a sea kayak, these pants will help you to maintain body temperature.

The stand out feature is the high waist. There will always be plenty of overlap between your top and your pants. No more cold kidneys or chaffing from a back rest. The angled seams provide the ultimate anatomical cut. They not only look good but fit well and function well. Enth Degree used some anatomical patent designs to make sure the pants fit snugly. Ensure they are close fitting to get maximum benefit.


  • Water Repellant Outer Treatment
  • Windproof Breathable PU Membrane
  • Soft-touch moisture wicking Fleece
  • Nylon Lycra leg seals
  • High-Stretch Neoprene Waist
  • UV 50+ sun protection
  • Long and Short cuts available
  • Midriff Ride-up Lycra Panel
  • Non-slip Neoprene Waist Band
  • Integrated Utility Pocket
  • Hi-vis reflective print
  • Unisex panel designs

Fernotherm Fabric

1. Fast water run-off, quick drying and anti wind-chill.
2. Soft touch fleece for maximum comfort.

3. Thermal heat retention properties keeping you warm.

4. Wicks cool moisture away from the body.

5. UV 50+ sun protection.

Performance woven Nylon Lycra with water repellant treatment facilitates ease of movement, fast water run-off, quick drying and anti wind-chill. UV 50+.

Windproof, breathable PU Membrane adhered with advanced dot lamination technique for optimum flexibility. Wicks cool moisture away from the body on the surface when dry. Traps warm water against the skin when wet. Stops surface wind-chill.

385 g/m2 soft-touch fleece, offering superior comfort against the skin, moisture wicking characteristic and thermal heat retention properties keeping you warm, either wet or dry.


Enth Degree Size Chart

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