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Day Two Neoprene Spraydeck

$159.00 (inc GST)

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Day Two’s all neoprene spray deck is a great choice for sea kayakers and multisport paddlers looking for a deck that will keep them dry. 

The deck is made with 3mm neoprene and 10mm shock cord keeps the deck firmly on your kayak (EasyFit decks have 8mm shock cord). Being New Zealand made, we are able to arrange for a deck to be custom made for any cockpit size that Day Two do not offer something for. 

For kayaks that do not need as much holding power, we have an EasyFit option. These use 8mm shock cord, so are easier to stretch into place. Composite kayaks (sea and multisport) as well as Barracuda kayaks all suit an EasyFit deck. For rotomolded plastic kayaks, the standand version is better.



Cockpit Sizing
Small Cockpit- fits cockpits approx 63 x 40cm
Black tag fits cockpits approx 70 x 45cm
Cyan tag fits cockpits approx 80 x 45cm
Red tag fits cockpits approx 80x50cm
Orange tag fits cockpits approx 85x50cm
Blue tag fits cockpits approx 85 x 55cm
Yellow tag fits cockpits approx 88 x 50cm (shaped to fit kayaks with a ‘pointy’ cockpit eg Barracuda Kayaks)
Green tag fits cockpits approx 90 x 53cm
Purple tag fits cockpits approx 94 x 55cm

Waist Sizing
Small: 72 – 75cm waist
Medium: 76-79cm waist
Large: 80-84cm waist

Courier Costs

Small Parcel $6
Standard Courier $10
Spend over $199 and receive free delivery (excludes kayaks and roof boxes)

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