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hf Plan Sea Towbelt

$219.00 (inc GST)

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The °hf Plan Sea has more features than your average waist mounted towline, resulting in an easy to use bit of gear. Packed with 15 meters of rope, the Plan Sea keeps the towed kayak far enough behind you, making this suitable for both calm and rough seas. Thankfully, this does not result in an over-sized setup.

Using the towline is easy. A neoprene pouch holds the large stainless steel karabiner. When you need to repack, the roll out design makes re-stuffing easier. You can carry out additional rescues utilizing the stainless steel D-ring that’s attached to the waist.

An essential feature for any waist mounted tow belt is a quick release buckle. This allows you to quickly release the belt should the towing paddler get into trouble. The Plan Sea has a bright yellow toggle to help you release the belt. Before using the towline, adjust the belt to suit your waist size. When properly adjusted there won’t be too much webbing extending past the quick release buckle, as too much extra webbing could make the belt harder to release.

Using a tow belt does involve some risk. Seek professional instruction before using this product and ensure you are familiar with safe practice.



  • 15 m floating rope (5 mm diameter)
  • Rope bag with extra room for additional equipment
  • Stainless steel D-Ring
  • High-End Karabiner
  • Closed cell foam karabiner flotation
  • Neoprene pouch on waist belt for karabiner
  • Robust but leightweight material with drainage panel
  • Waist belt with quick release buckle and high visibility pull toggle
  • Removable shock absorber


Rope length: 15m
Rope Breaking load: 390 daN
Bag dimensions: 7 x 25cm
Weight: 500g

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