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NRS Havoc Livery Helmet Replacement Ratchet Assembly

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The NRS Havoc Helmet Replacement Ratchet ensures you can keep your NRS Havoc Livery Helmets going strong season after season. Just pop the old one out and pop the new one in. Good as new!
Features the same reliable ratchet-adjust DialFit system as your original Havoc Helmet harness.

  • Pop out the original harness with moderate hand pressure, then slide the barbed tabs on the Havoc Helmet Replacement Ratchet into the slots in the helmet’s foam using a gentle back and forth motion.
  • FIT pads are fixed, so they won’t get lost. If damaged, they are easy to replace.
  • Fits a range from 53-62-cm (20.86″-24.4″). 

Please note: The first picture shows the ratchet in place on the helmet cradle, while the second picture shows just the replacement ratchet itself. It is just the ratchet that is supplied.

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