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Rob Fort Series Fish Finder Cover w/ Visor

$25.00 (inc GST)


$25.00 (inc GST)

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Take a Rob Fort Fish Finder Cover, add a visor and this is what you get. The cover keeps your fish finder dry, while the visor shades the scree, reducing glare. Not only does the visor keep the sun off your fish finder, but it will also reduce the amount of water that splashes onto the screen.

Long term, a Fish Finder cover will prevent damage from exposure to salt water. Over time, salt can build up around connections or under buttons, resulting in poor performance from your unit.

Small: 9.8cm wide x 16.5cm high x 7.6cm deep
Medium: 13.3cm wide x 18.8cm high x 10.2cm deep
Med / Large: 18.9cm wide x 16.2cm high x 8.3cm deep
Large: 17.5cm wide x 19.1cm high x 11.4cm deep
HDS5 Large: 18.4cm wide x 14.6cm high x 10.2cm deep
Extra Large: 28.6cm wide x 17.1cm high x 10.8cm deep
XX-Large: 34.1cm wide x 18.1cm high x 10.2cm deep

This is the maximum size of unit that will fit each cover size

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