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Railblaza Illuminate i360 – All round White Navigation Light

$96.90 (inc GST)


The i360 meets the required standards for an all-round white navigation light for power and sailboats under 12 metres, and kayaks & canoes.

  • Made in New Zealand
  • Latest circuit design
  • Battery life from 25 to 200 hours

With circuit board manufacture, plastic moulding and assembly all done in New Zealand, this is a quality unit, at an affordable price.

To maximise battery life a high quality, Japanese made, Nichia power LED and a high efficiency digital circuit are used. It is lightweight, and IP67 rated for dust and water ingress, meaning it will float with the lens right up out of the water. AA batteries mean many more light hours for your dollars when compared to AAA, and as it’s battery powered there’s no need for external wiring and switching.

The i360 is Compatible with any RAILBLAZA StarPort, SidePort, RIBPort or RailMount, so can be mounted just about anywhere.

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