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Kajak Sport Self Rescue Grips

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The self-rescue clamps offer a simple way to attach your paddle to your kayak when doing a self rescue. They are simple to use and easy to fit to your kayak.

Everything you need to set up your kayak is supplied:

  • 2x Paddle Grips
  • 2x stainless steel nut & washer


Weight: 142 g
Length: 65 mm
Width: 40 mm
Height: 35 mm

Installation Tips

  • Decide on a location behind the cockpit of your kayak.
  • Check that you can reach the grips from your cockpit.
  • Ensure the deck of your kayak is flat enough so the grips will be in the same plane and that there’s nothing to interfere with your paddle once it’s sitting in the grips
  • Inspect the inside of your kayak at the proposed location of the paddle grips. Ensure that there is room underneath for the washers to fit and that you are not drilling into a rudder cable, bulkhead or other important part of your kayak.
  • Position the Velcro so that you pull the Velcro towards you when you are about to remove your paddle from the grips.
  • Test the new setup on the water in a controlled environment.

Courier Costs

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Standard Courier $10
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