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Gear Aid Aquaseal SR Shoe Repair Adhesive

$18.90 (inc GST)


Who’s the toughest on shoes and boots in your house? Is it your kids? Your adventurous spouse? Or you?

No matter who tries to destroy their shoes first, Aquaseal SR can help you repair them even faster. Shoe soles coming apart? Aquaseal SR can fix it. Boot heel wearing down? Aquaseal SR has got you covered. Aquaseal SR is also a great option of in-the-field repairs.

Aquaseal SR is different from other shoe repair glues. Their patented, urethane formula is made from the same material as your shoe soles—for permanent repairs that outlast whatever abuse you can dish out. It is flexible and waterproof. It’s wear-resistant and unaffected by solvents. So it’s perfect for reattaching soles, rebuilding toecaps or even restoring shoe heels to like-new condition. Aquaseal SR works on hiking boots, sports cleats, kids’ shoes, climbing and running shoes— just about every shoe in your closet.

Don’t replace expensive shoes with separating soles or worn-down heels. Repair them fast with Aquaseal’s easy to use Shoe Repair Adhesive.

  • Urethane based shoe repair adhesive
  • Rebuilds worn heel and toe areas, reattaches separated soles and creates durable toe caps
  • Safe for use on all types of footwear including boots, athletic shoes, climbing shoes and more
  • Specifically formulated to offer superior abrasion resistance as well as excellent adhesion, superior waterproofing and long lasting flexibility with minimal shrinkage
  • Washable and unaffected by extreme heat or cold
  • Dries clear


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