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Rhino Rack Underside Tie Down Point

Here’s a new product that’s simple, but so useful. The Rhino Rack Underside Tie Down Point is essentially a loop that fits into the channel on the underside of your Vortex Bar and gives you a place to securely attach your tie down strap. For those who are trying to carry kayaks right out to the edge of the roof bar, tying on involves wrapping straps back around the roof rack leg to ensure the strap doesn’t slide off the end of the bar. Adding wider bars only makes this more of an issue.

As soon as these arrived in store, they went straight onto our trailer. We had a set of eye bolts fitted previously, but these were not very pleasing on the eye, nor as practical as their replacement. Fitting four Underside Tie Down Points was straight forward, taking about 5 minutes to set up the front and rear bars. Everything you need to do the job is included. Tying a full load on kayaks is now much easier.

Rhino Rack Underside Tie Down Point    Rhino Rack Under Bar Die Down Point

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