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Liquidlogic Party Braaap

Liquidlogic have added some party to the Braaap 69. Now available is the Party Braaap; a stern squirting, rock splatting, river running, fun machine.

The Braaap 69 has been around for a bit now, and gives paddlers a great combo of fun, responsiveness and ability. Numerous race wins have been achieved in the Braaap 69 and some pretty demanding rivers have been run in it. When Liquidlogic released the Mullet, with its ‘business in the front – party in the back’ motto, small-mid sized paddlers started to ask for a smaller version. The Party Braaap is here to fill that gap.

The Party Braaap is exactly the same as the Braaap 69, except that some of the volume in the tail has been removed.  This unlocks the full pivot turning, stern squirting ability of the Braaap. The Party Braaap’s stern will slice effortlessly under the water and it feels both natural and balanced when doing so.

Paddle a Party Braaap and you can play every eddyline; stern squirt after stern squirt. When you have had enough, seek out a few rocks to go splat. At 2.7m long, the Party Braaap is way more stable when the stern is under the water than a shorter play boat. You can keep working the tail and keep the squirt happening. Spend time in the Party Braaap and you can revisit what life was like when the river was dominated by Perception Super Sports, Dagger RPMs and Eskimo Kendos. The Party Braaap is certainly no retro kayak though. It incorporates many modern features that make it comfortable to paddle and very capable. It turns easily and the bow is shaped to resurface quickly.

Want to give it a try? We have a demo available you can try.

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