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2019 Think Ace Surfski

The Think Ace has received a makeover and we are pretty excited to be the first country to have stock of the new version. He’s a quick rundown on the changes.

The hull retains the same characteristics as the previous version, and is now a fraction longer (547cm vs 538cm).

Think Ace Surfski

The deck has been lowered by 5cm and you can see the difference in the nose. The new version is in the foreground.

Gen3 Think Ace Surfski

The new version is lower at the front of the cockpit.

Think Ace Gen3 Surfski

The deck now has a cutaway section to improve paddle entry.

2019 Think Ace

The seat and footwell have been modified too. The shape is based on the Zen, but has been made a little wider.

Who is this ski aimed at? The Ace offers maximum stability so is ideal for people wanting an easy to paddle ski; great if you are coming from a sea kayak and looking for something with minimal learning curve. It’s also a great fit for larger paddlers who need the width for stability.

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