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2017 – The Year of the Helmet

2017 could easily be thought of as the Year of the Helmet. So far this year we have seen something new from all of the main whitewater helmet manufacturers. It’s a great time to be in the market for a helmet. Not only are helmets getting easier to fit; manufacturers are injecting more style as well.

The WRSI Trident and Current have received a redesign, as has the Shred Ready Standard (this came out later in 2016, but we’ll include it in here). Predator gave the FR7-W a minor makeover, while the Predator Shiznit and the Sweet Rocker got some new colours.

For 2017, WRSI helmets are available in three different sizes (compared with two sizes previously). The new helmets will now fit a greater range of head shapes and sizes. Also helping with the fit are the new liners. These are very different to the previous setup. The new liner has a stretchy mesh top and as you pull it down onto your head it becomes more snug. As long as you have the correct helmet size, fitting is as easy as pulling the helmet on and tightening the straps. Lastly, WRSI have given us a range of colours that’ll complement your paddling gear nicely.

WRSI Helmet lining2017 WRSI Current Helmet Fiesta RedWRSI Current Helmet Island ColourWRSI Current Vapour ColourWRSI Trident Helmet

Shred Ready released a redesigned Standard Half-cut & Standard Full-cut at the start of summer. Visually the new helmet looks the same as the old, but Shred Ready modified the mold so the helmet will now fit a greater range of heads.

Shred Ready Standard Half Cut Whitewater helmetShred Ready Standard Full Cut Whitewater Helmet

The Predator FR7-W helmet has received some exciting new colours, but less obvious are the new ear pads and the improved fit pads. Overall, a great improvement to both function and fashion.

Predator FR7-W Whitewater Helmet

Lastly, here are the new colours for the Sweet Rocker and the Predator Shiznit.

Sweet Rocker Helmet Navy Blue MetallicPredator Shiznit Whitewater Helmet

If you need any help deciding which helmet best suits your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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